Saturday, February 6, 2021

Three exercises to glow your face 2021

  Santosh Kumar       Saturday, February 6, 2021

 3 exercises to glow your face

Best exercide for beauty tips

      Hi this is Santosh and welcome to Odia shayari and Beauty tips. So today I will be talking about how to get glowing skin that is the main concern for all the females of all age groups.

     So the main reason, why we have such patchy skin. Because of stress, because of dehydration. The first thing which we need to consider is keep yourself hydrated and I will be telling you few exercises, which you can do to get the glowing skin. 

       In first exercise you need to place your thumbs on your nostrils, inhale, hold your breath, fill your mouth with your breath and move your chin towards your chest and slowly exhale. So for beginners you can hold this for twenty seconds, you can gradually increase it up to one minute. This will help the blood to flow on your face and that will give you a glowing skin. 

       In second exercise I am sure most of the people were told by their parents and their grandparents to rub your hands and put it on your face the first thing in the morning. That's absolutely right that needs to be done because you have lots of energy in your body and in your palms so when you rub it you are getting that energy and putting it back on to your face. So what needs to be done. 

Best exercide for beauty tips

      Rub your hands thoroughly, place it here, close your eyes, and gently massage your face and open up your eyes. So you need to do this exercise first thing in the morning when you get up and on your bed.

      So the third exercise is very simple, you need to inhale, hold your breath and exhale. So come into this mudra, inhale through your nose, hold your breath and exhale through your mouth. Try to hold it as much time as you can hold it for. Hold it for ten seconds, fifteen seconds and increase it gradually up to twenty five seconds.

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