Saturday, January 9, 2021

Traffic rules in Odisha from 2021 you must know it

  Santosh Kumar       Saturday, January 9, 2021

 Odisha people should be follow Odisha traffic rules :


Odisha people should be follow Odisha traffic rules

      Police can not touch to any biker during night ride. Police can not take Penalty second time per day from biker.
      When you get caught in the hands of the traffic police at any time, you have to fill a lot of fine, plus you have to show a lot of documents. Sometimes the traffic police take away the keys from the bike and sometimes even hold hands. But it is against traffic rules.

    Therefore, we will tell you some rules that have been implemented in all traffic in Odisha. You should carefully read all these traffic rules and follow otherwise you can face the problem later.
1. Even after breaking the traffic rule, the policemen can not leave the key from the bike.
2. If you are entering in the wrong rule, then the traffic police will only stop you but will do nothing else.
3. Traffic Police can not deduct any penalty nor can demand money from any bikers.
4. No policeman can stop a biker without uniform.
5. If a biker is fined one time in per day, it cannot be repeated.
6. No police can challan without uniform.
7. Police can stop you for breaking traffic rules, but no police can remove the key from your bike.
8. Policemen will not be able to impose any restrictions in front of a moving vehicle.
9. Constable police can not be deducted penalty from biker.
10. Constable police only notice the bike number only.
11. Head constables can not take penalty of more than ₹ 100 from the biker for varifing the wrong documents.
12. Traffic police, SI, ASI can charge more than ₹ 100 penalty from bikers.        

When will the policeman pick up your Bike :

1. If your bike is not in the no parking zone then the policemen will pick up your bike.
2. If your bike is lying in a place where the other bike is suffering from getting out, the police will pick up your brother at that place.
3. If your bike is lying here and there then the policemen will pick up your bike.

When will the policeman pick up your Bike

What should biker do :

1. Every bike should not have more than 2 passengers.
2. If the bike has two passengers then both people should wear helmet.
3. And follow the traffic rules while driving.
4. While driving the bike or car, your driving license should be with your bike insurance, pollution certificate and all traffic documents.
5. Drunk driving is against the traffic rules.

I hope After reading all the rules of the traffic, you will not break any traffic rules and you will not have to pay any penalty to the policemen.
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Thanks for reading Traffic rules in Odisha from 2021 you must know it

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