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COVID-19 rules in Puri Jagannath Temple 2021

  Santosh Kumar       Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Rules of enter to inside Puri Jagannath Temple 2021

Rules of go to inside Puri Jagannath Temple 2021

    If you are planing to puri jagannath temple travel, then you have to follow some rules to enter Puri Jagannath temple because of COVID -19. We are explained all details how to enter in Puri jaganaath temple. So keep continue reading how to able to see lord jaganaath.

     Jagannath temple darshan rule totally changed in 2021 due to COVID-19. Jagannath mandir was opened 3 January 2021 and visit is open for those who have COVID-19 Negative Report.

   First of all you have to take COVID-19 negative report and Aadhaar card for entering. So that you have to make a COVID-19 negative report in your nearest hospital. Next take negative report and aadhaar card to entering to the Jagannath temple.

entering to the Jagannath temple
    It is compulsory to Aadhar card and COVID-19 negative report to visit Puri lord Jagannath. Otherwise you can visit Sea beach and temple outside without Negative report. 

   On the date 03-01-2021 there are 15,000 fifty thousand visitors came to Puri but only tow thousand visitors were able to enter in the Temple's inside because they had Covid-19 negative report.

Process of entering :

   First of all you have to be on the line with the other visitors. Next you will have to show the Aadhaar card and COVID-19 report and sanitize your hand. Next go forward to entry counter and verify your documents and you. Next go forward toward the temple. 

    After documents verification, you have take to police checkup. Make sure no mobile or any device should be in your pocket. Otherwise police may be allow to you inside of the temple. After all you can able to visit Puri lord Jagannath.

Puri lord Jagannath
     I hope after read this page you will be able to travel puri Jagannath temple. So finally thanks for visit our website.

Thanks for reading COVID-19 rules in Puri Jagannath Temple 2021

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