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Glitter without makeup on face, just follow Expert's beauty tips

  Santosh Kumar       Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Beauty Tips for Girl 2021

Beauty Tips for Girl 2021

Girls spend tons of cash to form their skin spotless and blond. But if you try some home remedies, your screen will not get any expensive.
      If the color of the face fades then girls get upset. Every girl wants her face to be spotless, blond and shiny. But thanks to dust and soil and increasing pollution, it's very difficult to take care of the facial tone. At the same time, due to the lockdown these days, the screen time of the people has also increased significantly, due to which the deadly rays emanating from the laptop spoil the screen from inside.

        If you are also troubled due to acne, acne scars, tanning and shackles and want to bring back the facial noor, then the advice of the expert may be of great use. Yes, NBT has talked to some readers for their readers, who will give you such beauty tips, which you can try and make your skin shiny and healthy again.

Beauty tips 2021

           The use of potato removes the problem of dark spots, pigmentation and tanning. Not only this, if the face has gone from your skin, the mask of potato is additionally very useful.
Grind the raw potato and apply it on the face like a scrub. Then apply raw milk on the second day. This makes skin stains lighter. Grated cucumber cleansing and toning the skin.
Coconut water is very effective for removing skin stains. Mix one spoon of honey in coconut milk and put it in an ice tray and freeze it. Then rub one piece daily and rub it gently on the face. Wash with water after 10 minutes. Coconut water contains keratin, which removes the top layer of skin and develops new skin.

Skin tips

         Mix a pinch of turmeric powder and 1/4 teaspoon rose water in a cream of one teaspoon of milk and rub it in the face with light hands. Then leave it as is. After twenty minutes wash the face with lukewarm water or water . Doing this daily for 2 months will clear the complexion and take away the stains.


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