Wednesday, January 6, 2021

6 beauty tips to get a shining face 2021

  Santosh Kumar       Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Six beauty tips to get a shining face

Six beauty tips to get a shining face

1. Sometimes eating raw onion is good for the face to cleanse the skin. It also helps in reducing facial spots.

2. it's also vital to offer rest to the eyes to seem fresh. Those who sit in front of the computer for a long time should look outside the window or after some time and do light exercise of the eyes, this gives relief to the eyes.

3. By applying mask on the face, dead cells present on the skin of the face are removed. This helps to the face beautiful and therefore the skin is tight and wrinkles also are reduced.

4. Taking a shower also makes the face glow. However, it shouldn't be bathed for quite 10 minutes. Long-term bath also reduces skin moisture. A long bath with warm water can also cause red spots on the skin.

Beauty tips 2021

5. Almost everyone starts getting sleepy within the afternoon. It is beneficial if you shut your eyes even after taking 5 minutes out of your time between work. This not only helps in concentrating but also increases the extent of serotonin hormone within the blood. This hormone is responsible for the feeling of happiness.

6. Fresh air helps in eliminating tiredness of the day. Walking for a short time or light exercise also helps to face glow. According to Britain's Essex University, it makes a person feel lighter too. Freshness comes to the mind amidst the blue sky and greenery.


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